Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Night Stand

Song: One Night Stand
Artist: Vitaminsforyou
Album: He Closed His Eyes So he Could Dance With You

Vitaminsforyou is an electronic style band grounded in Winnipeg (although now centered in Toronto) led by Bryce Kushnier. Kushnier is a pioneer of the “lo-fi bedroom electronics” genre of music.


Kushnier began creating music in 1998 and later toured Canada with many notable musicians. He said in interviews that he doesn’t much like working with bands, therefore, he finds it much easier just to work from home with his computer. Kushnier is one of the first musicians to use a home computer to mix different music genres together. His music fuses electronica, acoustic folk, and psychedelia. This genre is referred to by many as “lo-fi bedroom electronics” , a genre in which Kushnier is a pioneer. His first album was released in 2003 and he has toured Canada and worked with many artists worldwide. His credits include work with many critically acclaimed artists including Constellation Record’s Lullabye Arkestra; Mitchell Akiyama, Avia Gardner, and Mike Feuerstack. He has also played for Winnipeg and Toronto filmmakers Matthew Etchies and Elvis Pruisc and scores for many Montreal choreographers such as Andrew Tay, Sasha Kleinplatz, and Dana Michel. Perhaps most notably he has worked with Emm Gryner, a very successful Irish musician who herself has worked with many critically acclaimed artists.


Kushnier has released three critically acclaimed albums. The first, entitled “I am Sorry for ever and for Always” was released in 2003 while his second album “The Legends of Bird’s Hill” was released in 2006. His third album has just been released in 2009, "he closed his eyes so he could dance with you".

Other Information

As well as becoming popular in the electronic scene, Kushnier has also made a name for himself as a DJ. He has extensive experience as a DJ playing in Toronto collectives such as Do Make Say Think (Constellation Records) and DJing for the electronic group Fritz Helder & The Phantoms. Kushnier has been awarded the prestigious Song of the Year Qwartz Pro/Art Electronic Music Award for the single “The Ukranians” off of his second album.


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