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Wilco (The Song)

Song: Wilco (The Song)
Artist: Wilco
Album: Wilco (The Album)

Wilco (The Album) is the seventh studio album by American alternative rock group Wilco which is expected to be released June 30, 2009. The band has finished mastering the album and have released the track listing.[1] According to lead singer Jeff Tweedy, the band will "allow [themselves] a little bit more leeway in terms of sculpting the sound in the studio and doing overdubs and using the studio as another instrument".[2] Prior to release, Wilco streamed the album on their website.


Alternative rock band Wilco released their sixth studio album, Sky Blue Sky, in 2007. They spent the following two years touring to promote the album. In August 2008, Billboard reported that Wilco had been playing two new songs, "One Wing" and "Sunny Feeling", at recent shows in anticipation of a new studio album.[2] Rolling Stone revealed the title of the album on April 28, 2009.[3]

Wilco (The Album) will feature the first duet for Wilco, "You and I", which was recorded with Canadian indie folk singer Feist.[4] The band met Feist at the 50th Grammy Awards and found they had a mutual appreciation for each others' music.[5] The album was recorded in Neil Finn's recording studio (Roundhead studios) in Auckland, New Zealand. Members of Wilco were present to record material for a 7 Worlds Collide compilation album to benefit Oxfam. Guitarist Nels Cline and multi-instrumentalist Mikael Jorgensen provided overdubs once the band returned to Chicago, Illinois. The album was produced by the band and Jim Scott, who worked as an engineer on Being There, Summerteeth, and Sky Blue Sky.[6] The band joined Scott in Valencia, California to mix the album.[7]

On May 13, 2009, the album leaked on the Internet, and Wilco promptly responded by streaming the album for free on their website. The stream resulted in over 100,000 visits to Wilco's website on the 13th.[8] The band also suggested that those who downloaded the leaked copy make a charitable donation to Inspiration Corporation[1], an organization that assists low-income families in Chicago.[9] Blogger Mike Masnick praised Wilco for their response to the leak, contrasting it to the reactionary response from 20th Century Fox following the leak of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.[10]

"Bull Black Nova", which was particularly noted for its experimental tendencies in a Billboard album preview, was written from the point of view of a man who just killed his girlfriend.[11] Critic Jonathan Cohen also noted "Deeper Down" for its "wealth of sonic details".[12] The Feist duet "You and I" is about two lovers trying to keep a relationship together.[11]


Wilco appeared on The Colbert Report to play "Wilco (The Song)" and promote 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama.[13] Wilco will embark on a twenty-one show tour to promote the album starting on June 21, 2009. The tour will conclude with a performance at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.[11]

Track listing

  1. "Wilco (The Song)" – 2:59
  2. "Deeper Down" – 2:59
  3. "One Wing" – 3:42
  4. "Bull Black Nova" – 5:39
  5. "You and I" (with Feist) – 3:26
  6. "You Never Know" – 4:21
  7. "Country Disappeared" – 4:02
  8. "Solitaire" – 3:04
  9. "I'll Fight" – 4:23
  10. "Sunny Feeling" – 4:13
  11. "Everlasting Everything" – 3:58

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