Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm Not Alone

Song: I’m Not Alone
Artist: Calvin Harris
Album: ’09 TBD / I’m Not Alone Single

I have been eagerly waiting to hear new music from Calvin Harris, the electro-pop boy wonder who, at the tender age of twenty-three, released his infectious, arguably stupid, debut album “I Created Disco.” Loved the record, and as “dumb” as it was, I couldn’t stop listening to it… crazy about singles “Acceptable in the 80’s,” “The Girls,” and “Merrymaking at My Place” as well as album tracks “Neon Rocks” and “Certified.” He then wrote and produced my favorite Kylie song in years (“In My Arms”) and just last summer teamed with Dizzie Rascal and Chrome for the killer single “Dance Wiv Me.” I literally couldn’t get enough of Mr. Harris and wondered what he’s come up with for his sophomore album.

I wasn’t expecting this…

I suppose that what I thought we’d get, and thought I wanted, was another super-catchy dance-pop song cycle that matched his earlier work. And honestly… I would have been totally happy with that. Given that “Dance Wiv Me” was on constant repeat on my stereo last summer into the fall, I was ready to have the man (boy?) release catchy bouncy song one after the other. But it has come apparent that he could literally do that if he wanted to, but Harris has instead gone in a different direction.

“I’m Not Alone” is the first single off of his still as yet untitled album due this year, and instead of his typical bouncy beats he’s gone trance, and semi-serious. No more goofy jokes, and the music is much more euphoric and big room filling. I was pretty taken aback by the first listen… what has he done? But I must admit… I can’t STOP listening to it. It has totally grown on me. I find it hypnotic, with a sense of mystery that his early more pop songs didn’t touch on.

Harris debuted the track while DJ’ing New Years Eve in Sydney. Check it out… the crowd is certainly FEELING it:

I’m not sure how this one will do on the charts (I’m speaking of course about the UK, where “Dance Wiv Me” shot straight to number 1) as it’s not as catchy as his earlier work. Actually… scratch that, I find the song to be VERY catchy, it’s just not a pop song in the normal sense.

What do you think?


And in case you are not familiar with earlier Harris:

Dance Wiv Me

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