Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Song: 1989
Artist: The Rakes
Album: Klang!

Its funny how big Emo is here in America where in Europe, they’re all about “lad rock.” Skinny mal-nourished boys that sing about girls and emotions and stuff. I sort of can’t stand Emo… I don’t know why… maybe because it all sounds the same? (Though that is an annoying non-criticism criticism from someone who hasn’t taken the time to listen to whatever they’re dismissing.) Regardless, I will take the Kaiser Chiefs over Fall Out Boy any day.

The Rakes formed in 2004 and saw the release of their debut album happen the following year. I heard some buzz about them and took a listen to that album, “Catch/Release” and didn’t think it really held up against better bands records like the aforementioned Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, and Bloc Party. (Though the last two are arguably more dance-rock but hell… I just split a hair too.) I didn’t even realize that the band had already released a follow up, 2007’s “Ten New Messages,” which I didn’t hear, but already have their third, “Klang!” on deck for release later this month.

I have found “Klang!” immediately enjoyable and put it on par with the first Fratelli’s record and the latest from the Kaiser Chiefs. First single “1989” is a good indication on what you can expect from the rest of the album. It sort of typifies what I expect from lad rock. Catchy, sing-a-long chorus about working class life. Dig.


Work, Work, Work, (Pub, Club, Sleep)

22 Grand Job


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