Friday, February 27, 2009


Song: Zero
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
Album: It’s Blitz!

There are a few bands that I actually quite love but don’t necessarily keep up on to see what they’re doing. Because of this, I am often pleasantly surprised when new album news seems to pop up out of nowhere. Last week came news that a new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song was out with a new album to follow in April. Well the record got leaked WAY early, but that’s not the only surprise…

Given that this is album three, the band has already conquered the sophomore slump with 2006’s excellent “Show Me Your Bones,” I was certainly wondering what would be next for the band. And to my surprise (and delight) they have decided to do a full on dance record! “It’s Blitz!” is filled with synthesizers and beats and yet, it is 100% Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Despite their artsy garage-rock leanings, the band knows how to write a catchy song, be it the upbeat slink of “Bones” “Gold Lion” or the slow passionate burn of their biggest hit, “Maps” from their debut.

Lead single “Zero” is upbeat, fun, and typically mysterious lyrically. Again, while the band has added beats and more electronic elements to their sound, it is unmistakably Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Karen O’s vocals burn as hot as they ever had, and while it’s a dance track, the guitars are still very prominent. You’ll be sold after a third spin.

The remaining of the record is basically; the-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah’s-do-a-dance-record. But I say that in the best way possible. It’s not like Seal’s “System,” the mix of dance elements are fit into the already great Yeah’s formula, rather than changing it. And what you get is another collection of killer rock-dance songs.



This is NOT the official video.

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