Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Up Here

Song: Happy Up Here
Artist: Röyksopp
Album: Junior

Initially I first heard of Röyksopp based on their remixes, but I then got their debut album “Melody A.M.” which was a neat loungy-atmospheric house record that was more mood based than single driven. Their follow up, “The Understanding,” went for the opposite, adding vocals and doing songs that were a bit more pop with more standard song arrangements. As showcased by singles “Only This Moment” and “What Else is There?” For their third album “Junior” it seems that Röyksopp have split the difference, making a vibe record with a few tracks that really have a pop polish on them.

“Happy Up Here” is the opening track and first single, a fun bouncy song that reminds me of “Eple” from their debut. Elsewhere on the album you’ll hear collaborations with other notable Swedish singers like Lykke Li, Karin Dreijer Andersson of the Knife, and Robyn. I’m still getting into it, but have pretty much liked it right away, as expected.

Apparently, “Junior” is the first of a two-album set with “Senior,” a more ambient work, coming next year.


Happy Up Here

What Else is There?

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