Friday, March 20, 2009

Did You See Me Coming?

Song: Did You See Me Coming?
Artist: The Pet Shop Boys
Album: Yes

In some ways it’s amazing to think the Pet Shop Boys are on their tenth album, and amazing to think it’s ONLY been ten. Though of course this doesn’t include the myriad of remix “Disco” albums they’ve released, as well as remixes for other artists, live albums, the list goes on. I’m a pretty big fan, and like that they have consistently made albums, vs. a collection of either singles or throw-away tracks. “Yes,” their tenth album which follows 2006’s “Fundamental” finds the Boys working with production team Xenomania who are best known for writing pop hits for UK acts such as Girls Aloud.

“Fundamental” was a big critical hit but I found it a little messy and inconsistent. It was as strong as “Release” and wasn’t as fun “Nightlife.” So where does “Yes” fall? Initial listens had me shrugging. It sounded like the Pet Shop Boys for sure, but didn’t seem very fresh to me. But as I’ve gotten to digest the whole album I’m beginning to see it’s almost a classic Pet Shop Boys album, filled with sunny hooks and their trademark witty ruminations on love. The more I hear, the more I like.

“Love, Etc.” is the first single, but I really like “Did You See Me Coming?” which is more typical of the whole album. It’s so sunny and optimistic… I’m swooning.


Love, Etc.


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Great remixes! Thanks for the post. Looking forward to also hearing their own remix, as well as Richard X. Also hope "All Over the World" will be the next single.

Thanks for the post!