Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello 2morrow

Song: Hello 2morrow
Artist: Moodyman
Album: Detroit ‘67

Here’s an odd one. I came across this EP on a blog somewhere, gave it a few listens, and sort of shrugged it off. It’s short, just six tracks, and doesn’t make much of a statement. But I have been listening to it more lately and really dig the sleazy vibe. “Freeki Muther F cker” is the records calling card (minimalist funk?) but I really dig the house-esque “Hello 2morrow.”

“Moodyman” is Detroit based DJ/Producer Kenny Dixon Jr. His style is a mix of funk, jazz, and sampled elements from a wide range of music and blaxploitation flicks. “Detroit ‘67” is his sixth work, which started with 1997’s “Silentintroduction.” The album sure sets a particular mood… equal parts funky and freaky.


Freeki Muther F cker (live)

And he DJ’s at a roller-rink…

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