Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Song: Earthquake
Artist: The Von Bondies
Album: Love, Hate, and Then There Is You

The Von Bondies came up around the same time the White Stripes did, also coming out of the Detroit garage rock scene. The Bondies haven’t been nearly as prolific as the Stripes, as their newly released third album, “Love, Hate, and Then There Is You” is their follow up to the breakthrough, 2004’s “Pawn Shoppe Heart.” I liked that record okay, but LOVED their big single “C’mon, C’mon,” which also serves as the theme song to the Dennis Leary show “Rescue Me.”

I haven’t been really tuned into rock music that much as of late as I really can’t stand emo, and bands like Nickelback and the like make my skin crawl. But I must say that I’ve really been digging their new record and think it deserves some of your time. It’s pretty consistent, starting with lead single “Pale Bride.” I personally like “Earthquake” the best, love the way lead singer Jason Stollsteimer stretches the words out, building the intensity.

Are there any songs as good as “C’mon, C’mon?” Well… no. But they’re making some of the best American rock out there and Stollsteimer should be know for more than just getting his ass kicked by Jack White.

Rock on.


Pale Bride

C’mon, C’mon – Live on Letterman

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