Monday, March 23, 2009

Walking on a Dream

Song: Walking on a Dream
Artist: Empire of the Sun
Album: Walking on a Dream

I was just made aware of Australian electro duo Empire of the Sun who released their debut album “Walking on a Dream” last year in August. They’re an odd mix of 80’s lite-new wave with hints of Brodski Beat, Adult Contemporary, with visual style that’s best described as “Adam Ant in Star Wars.” It’s odd for sure.

Actually, take a look at the video for “Walking on a Dream” here:

To me, it almost looks like an 80’s video parody. Doesn’t it? Are they serious? I think they are.

Despite the silly video, the silly face makeup, and what Pitchfork described as “one of the worst album covers of 2008,” I’m actually really digging the music. The whole album has a great relaxed vibe that would no doubt sound great while hanging around a pool somewhere fabulous. They certainly haven’t made a big splash here in America, but given their look and vibe… I’m not totally surprised.


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