Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Than This

Song: More Than This
Artist: Roxy Music
Album Avalon

Since getting into the Scissor Sisters cover of Roxy Music’s “Do the Strand,” I decided that it was time I finally listened to the band, arguably one of the most influential of the new wave and electronic music of the 80’s. It’s funny, I consider myself pretty up on music, and yet this very important influential band had somehow alluded me. So I picked up a best of and have been listening all week, man have I been missing out!

Their music is lush and mysterious at times, and seems like the bridge from glam rock to new wave. I had no idea that legendary producer Brian Eno was initially in the band, but as I listen I hear elements of some of his solo work as well as his production style he’s employed with the Talking Heads and U2. It’s important to mention the Talking Heads because as I’ve thought of them the most as I listen to Roxy Music, they seem to be the American equivalent of the band.

I must say that these songs (at least those on the best of) had never gotten into my consciousness over my lifetime despite the influence the band has had on music. I really half expected to recognize some of these songs once I heard them but haven’t. Only “More Than This,” which was the lead single from their last proper album, 1982’s “Avalon,” sounded a little familiar… but I think it really is just so much like other synth-driven new wave ballads… I actually think I more know the songs that it inspired over the original.

“Avalon” was the last album by the band, but there has been rumor that a new album is due later this year. The Scissor Sisters have been confirmed to be working on a song for the record.

Well Roxy Music is proof positive to me that there is amazing music out there that all of us have yet to discover, despite when it’s come out.


More Than This

Love is the Drug


Lizzy said...

I friggin' love this song!!! now i own it - thanks cy!

Anonymous said...

Roxy Music hs been a hidden treasure for a long time....and I like it this way. Bryan Ferry's voice is incredible, listen to slave to love

Mike M said...

Of course the best use of More Than This is done by Bill Murray in the karaoke scene from Lost in Translation.

Of course Bryan Ferry was Ms. Jerry Hall's first rock star boyfriend....