Friday, February 06, 2009

Saturday Night All The Time

Song: Saturday Night All The Time
Artist: Blowoff
Album: Blowoff

Tonight marks my fourth time attending a Blowoff party, the traveling dance party started by musicians Bob Mould and Rich Morel. The party has been growing in popularity, but only recently did I get the amazing album that started it all. Back in 2006 the two collaborated for the Blowoff album of the same name fusing Mould’s guitar driven pop with Morel’s house beats. The combination is quite impressive and the parties were born out of this merger, playing music that mixes alternative rock and driving, hard-hitting techno.

Knowing the DJ sets as I do from past events I was surprised initially by first track “Hormone Love,” which sounded not too far from Mould’s 90’s Alt rock band Sugar. Where are the beats I had grown to know from their amazing sets? Well, as the album went on the beats came, and the sublime merger of the two encompasses everything an alterna-rock fan turned dance head like me would ever want. My favorites include “Life with a View,” “Tag it,” and “Saturday Night All The Time,” the perfect pre-going out track.

Since being clued into the parties I have been following Morel a bit more. The man has been very successful with his remixes of songs for everyone from The Killers, The Pet Shop Boys, and Kreesha Turner, as well as producing. (Cyndi Lauper’s amazing latest “Bring Ya to the Brink.”) He recently released a new album under the moniker “Morel” which I have yet to hear, but on the strength of “Blowoff” will be looking into soon.

I have been a fan of Mould’s for a while. From his days in legendary punk band Hüsker Dü to the aforementioned power-alterna-pop of Sugar (whom I was obsessed with in high school) and through to his solo work, the man has progressed sonically while always laying a pop sensibility to his edgy songwriting. Just as he began to work more electronics and beats into his music, he teamed with Morel and the rest is history.

I highly recommend this album for any fans of both rock and dance, and really recommend the party for those with an affinity to large burly hairy men dancing. Woof!


An idea of what it’s like… Saturday all of the time

And a video shot form the first NYC date in 2007

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