Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Song: Bits & Pieces
Artist: Junior Boys
Album: Begone Dull Care

I’ve been interested in hearing how Canada’s Junior Boys were going to follow up their excellent sophomore album, 2006’s “This is Goodbye.” The verdict? Well, while it’s a bit more of the same, this year’s “Begone Dull Care” is another excellent collection of late night moody electronica, made for the bedroom. It’s not as initially catchy as “Goodbye,” but after a couple listens, the songs start to stick. My immediate favorite was “Bits & Pieces,” but the whole record is worth checking out. While it’s a mood record for sure, the Boys write actual SONGS, each with their own merit.

I do wonder if the formula will get old, with no drastic change to their sound from album to album. We’ll just have to wait for album four to see if things get stale.


Some “So This is Goodbye” era videos:

Like a Child

In the Morning

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