Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Magic Powder

Song: Magic Powder
Artist: Minitel Rose
Album: The French Machine

Despite being the toast of American hipsters for a while, I didn’t really care for the Justice record. Not that I am deeply versed in French House (I’ve got my Daft Punk, call me a follower but aren’t they the best?) but Justice verged more on noise than anything else to me, only hit single (well, in a hip blog way) “D.A.N.C.E.” hit me as being well… listenable.

So I randomly came across this debut album by fellow French electronic band Minitel Rose. It’s much less hard-hitting than Justice or Daft Punk, and has an odd 80’s influence both musically and visually from their album artwork. According to their MySpace page, they are influenced by girls, space, infinity, video games, 80’s movies, and… time travels. It’s totally strange for sure, but for a while I couldn’t stop listening to it.

“Magic Powder” is so strange and hypnotic, the whistling is truly something. Maybe not “Young Folks” catchy but it certainly penetrates your skull. As expected, the videos are totally bizarro too… oh those French!


Magic Powder

Be With You

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