Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bad Things (Club Mix)

Song: Bad Things (Club Mix)
Artist: Jace Everett
Album: Bad Things

I was a huge “Six Feet Under Fan,” thought it was one of the best shows HBO has ever had (better than the Sopranos in my opinion) so I was pretty excited to hear creator Alan Ball (writer, “American Beauty”) had a new series coming on the channel, “True Blood.” The show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of the sudden co-existence of vampires in everyday life and their difficulty being accepted by the human race. At times, Ball tips a heavy hand making it a metaphor for the American homosexual plight, but it’s funny, scary, and sexy as hell. Anna Paquin stars and she’s pretty incredible. The show takes place in Louisiana and really captures a real Southern Gothic vibe. Especially through the music…

I always thought that “Six Feet Under’s” opening sequence was one of the best ever created for a television series so I really didn’t expect “True Blood’s” to hold up. But it’s visually pretty interesting, and lends itself to the feel of the show. But it also has one very key thing... check it out:

What really makes this all work is the song… ‘Bad Things.” Initially I thought it was Chris Isaak but it’s actually country singer Jase Everett. It took a while to figure who it was as initial searches when the show started did not come up with anything. And actually, he didn’t have a Wikipedia page until just recently… probably because everyone’s trying to figure out who sings the song.

He’s now available on iTunes, both the single which contains the “Club Mix” that really isn’t a dance version, just a semi-supped up take on the very short original. That can be found on his self-titled debut from 2005. I took a listen to the tracks on iTunes and he’s much more country than “Bad Things” leads you to believe. It’s more rockabilly than anything else… hence the comparisons to Chris Isaak.

I highly recommend the show and this track. Both are bloody sexy.


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