Thursday, October 02, 2008

Something Anything

Song: Something Anything
Artist: Travis
Album: Ode to J. Smith

After the huge success of the Nigel Godrich produced albums “The Man Who” and “The Invisible Band,” Scottish band Travis faltered a little with the album “12 Memories.” Hot on the heels of last years better but still not GREAT “The Boy With No Name” the band has recently released “Ode to J. Smith,” a quick free-wheeling rock record that is harder than anything they’ve done since their debut, 1997’s “Good Feeling.”

I’ve been listening to “Ode to J. Smith” for the past couple days and think its pretty good, though not sure it deserves the glowing reviews it’s getting. But I am a fan of the band so I am still listening. A lot of the tracks are standing out though, with “Long Way Down,” “Song to Self,” and first single “Something Anything” being highlights.

I always felt bad for this band because they really developed the sound that Coldplay and Keane got much more famous for. They never were able to break America fully… will this more “rockin’” Travis do it?


Something Anything

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Flowers in the Window

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