Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Song: Veronika
Artist: Tricky
Album: Knowle West Boy

It’s been quite sometime since we’ve heard new music from Tricky, an early pioneer in the UK’s trip hop scene. He hasn’t released an album since 2003 when “Vulnerable” and his “Back to Mine” volume were released. Certainly not matching his prolific late 90’s output. With “Knowle West Boy,” Tricky returns with his 8th album, and one that is getting some of the best reviews of his career.

Personally I only half enjoy Tricky… and trip-hop in general. It’s such a sloggy genre, and one that is so dark and foreboding it really needs a certain mood to be in. That’s not to say that I don’t think the man is talented, actually when he’s on point his music is quite remarkable. I too fell for his debut, “Maxinquaye,” and really did dig a couple of songs on his second record released in ’96, “Pre-Millennium Tension.” Specifically “Christiansands” and “Makes Me Want to Die.” I haven’t followed all of his output but really liked his “duet” album “Blowback” from 2001. It was consistently good and the varied vocal partners really helped the albums flow.

I can’t say that I am loving “Knowle West Boy” as much as it t getting critically lauded, but there are certainly a couple stand-out tracks. “Veronika” is top-notch Tricky, both scary and sexy. And the odd cover of Kylie’s “Slow” has to be heard. An odd choice for sure… but then again, this guy once covered “Grease’s” “Summer Lovin’.” I have no doubt that Tricky fans will eat this up. For me… I’ll be weeding out the best, adding them to my late night chill-out playlists, and dumping the rest.


Hell is Around the Corner

Makes Me Want to Die


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