Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don’t Believe in Love

Song: Don’t Believe in Love
Artist: Dido
Album: Safe Trip Home

I’m a pretty big Dido fan. Certainly not prolific, but since coming onto the scene in 1999 with her debut album “I’m No Angel” she’s released two solid albums of pretty folktronica. I suppose I understand why people wouldn’t like her breezy, quasi-“flimsy” music and write it off as adult contemporary fluff, but I actually think her music is really well produced, lyrically she writes some great tunes regarding the state of the heart, and in a way her music sounds sort of future-classic to me.

I am totally cool with an artists that likes to take their time creating a better piece of work rather than rush things out, so while it took her four years to craft her excellent sophomore album “Life For Rent,” I haven’t minded that she has taken another five years for her third album. But alas we have “Safe Trip Home” scheduled for release November 3rd.

BUT… here’s the thing. First single, “Don’t Believe in Love” recently leaked and for the first time I am sort of feeling like a lot of her detractors. It’s kinda boring. It sure sounds like Dido, and I suppose it fits in line with everything that she’s done previously… but certainly it doesn’t match up to killer singles like “White Flag” or “Thank You.” It has me feeling the same I do about the new Killers single… its okay, but THIS is the first single? I’m left wanting a little more.

What do you think?

Enjoy. None-the-less.

Take My Hand

Never a single, last song off her debut record. NOT the video, just a YouTube creation. It actually reminds me a little of “Sunrise Earth.” Ever watch that show?

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