Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keep Marchin’

Song: Keep Marchin’
Artist: Raphael Saadiq
Album: The Way I See It

This was a great discovery… haven’t really followed the career of Raphael Saadiq since he left Tony! Toni! Toné! In the 90’s. He’s been a pretty big force in the neo-soul movement, producing tracks for D’Angelo, Macy Gray, Joss Stone, and many other R&B artists. But with his new album “The Way I See It” he’s cut out the “neo” and delivered a stellar classic soul record. Take a listen to the upbeat “Keep Marchin’” which is so POSITIVE, you realize what we’ve been missing from pop music for some time.

While listening to this record I started to think of artists like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and even the Scissor Sisters that have recently taken elements from classic music and done something new. I’ve started to think that within music, it’s pretty much all been done, and with what these artists have done in taking these classic styles reminds me of how simple and great music can be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of (over)produced dance pop for sure, but that’s ALL it seems we’re getting in pop music… which is everywhere. I was certainly happy to see Winehouse, despite her troubles, get attention with her record because it was just flat out GOOD, and one that I could get my mother to listen to.

Maybe artist need to stop trying to push things forward and take a look back to reflect the world of today. It might reach more people.

I am highly recommending this record… if you’re a classic soul fan, or your parents are, you will immediately like this.


Love That Girl (So Sweet and Tender)

And for fun…remember this?

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