Friday, September 26, 2008

Never Miss a Beat

Song: Never Miss a Beat
Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Album: Off With Their Heads

Even though the Kaiser Chiefs are English, and The Fratellis are Scottish, I always kind of grouped them together as sing-a-long pub dance-rock acts. I really liked both of their debuts, though the Chiefs sophomore album, “Yours Truly, Angry Mob” from 2007 was a disappointment. Since the Fratellis served up a completely snore-inducing follow up this year initial news of a new Chiefs record was met with a shrug.

That was all until I heard their latest single “Never Miss a Beat” from the new album, “Off With Their Heads” slated for release in October. The song is bouncy, driving, and reminds me of the “I Predict a Riot” type Chiefs of old. It’s also some pretty bristling social commentary… no doubt written by the mighty moron that is the U. S. of A. !!!

All the more interesting is the fact that Mark Ronson is producing the record. I’m not sure I hear his style in this track, but given the magic he did on Amy Winhouse’s “Back to Black” and his own album “Version,” I am very interested in hearing the whole thing. As a matter of fact, “Never Miss a Beat” contains backing vocals by Lily Allen, who covered the Chiefs “Oh My God” for… yup, Ronson’s “Version.”

Cut Copy have done a really cool remix of “Never Miss a Beat” which you can get here if you’d like to hear it. Rolling Stone says it makes them sound like Duran Duran… I don’t disagree!


Never Miss a Beat

I Predict a Riot

Oh My God

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