Saturday, September 27, 2008


Song: Womanizer
Artist: Britney
Album: Womanizer Single

Well I said I wasn’t going to post this… despite being intrigued by new music so soon. But I’ve realized this has become a full-blown obsession, and while I know I’m not alone, it’s no less embarrassing. I’m a grown man.

So Britney, after two years of a freight train worth of crazy, is staging a “comeback” with a new album just a year and a month after throwing “Blackout” out there with little to no promotion and zero tour support. Instead of promotion we got tabloid news that seemed to happen daily. There was the VMA performance, shaving the head, the umbrella (does it rain in L.A.?) it was like emotional breakdown public theater and we ate it all up.

I’ve said it over and over but unfortunately “Blackout” was the best thing the girl ever did, and collectively I think we all thought it was such a waste. I felt like it was the first time we got full-on adult Britney with a sound that finally surpassed the material girl. (Yes, Madonna of the “I’ve run out of ideas so I’m going Timbaland) In a way, Britney was the Immaterial Girl… bare feet in the gas station bathroom and gum-smackin’ “y’all drawling” little miss America. For me her breakdown kind of ran synonymous with the complete breakdown of the American Dream. The corporate-whore model imploding on itself. Recently, in the same week that her mother puts out a book that shockingly (right) reveals that things weren’t as innocent as they seemed when Brit claimed girlish innocence all the while teaching pre-teen girls hot new stripper moves, the entire economic backbone of “the most powerful country in the world” collapsed. Yeah that’s right, we should have seen this crash in economy coming as soon as Britney went koo-koo karazy.

How obsessed am I with Britney Spears? Well… last Thursday evening my entire night of slumber revolved around dreaming of, no lie, Ms. Britney Spears. In my long ongoing dream I was trying to get Brit into two of the largest gay clubs in NYC (Splash and the Roxy, which unfortunately doesn’t actually exist anymore) for a Madonna-like “surprise” performance of the new single that I was wetting my pants to hear. Literally I could have been dreaming for an hour straight trying to logistically figure out the way to get her in and out of the venue to surprise the boys and introduce the brand new Britney, no longer crazy and ready, as Madge was in 1984, to RULE THE WORLD. I pondered security, entrance and exit, maybe putting her in a cage so the homos couldn’t rip her apart…

Ever get so embarrassed by your own behavior that you begin to actually question where you’re life is going? Well… I guess I was there a little Friday at 7 AM as I lay in bed thinking, why the hell am I dreaming about this girl? Well, low and behold, when I get on the computer ten minutes later, the single “Womanizer” had been premiered on radio and therefore the blogosphere just an hour before. Three days ahead of schedule. I didn’t squeal, but pondered my clairvoyance, and listened to the song possibly six times straight.

At this point, after not being sure about it, comparing it to the best of tracks on “Blackout,” I succumb. I love it. And yes, I eagerly await “Circus” the album she plans to drop on her 27th birthday in December. It’s an exciting time for a fallen Queen of pop that isn’t even 30 yet and an exciting time for the country that made her. We’re on the verge of our first possible (fingers crossed) African-American president and an end (again fingers crossed) to corporate-run politics. If we are to believe that America’s Sweetheart is truly coming back, bigger and better than ever, maybe we can believe the same about America itself. Again… fingers crossed.


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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,
I think you fallen down her vortex, and I love it
A x