Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That’s Not My Name (Tom Neville Remix)

Song: That’s Not My Name (Tom Neville Remix)
Artist: The Ting Tings
Album: That’s Not My Name

The Ting Ting’s record… which I think is about half good, has still been in pretty constant rotation on my iPod and at work. I think it’s some of the best indie-type dance pop that’s come down the pike in a while. Aside from the iPod commercial assisted “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” other singles “Great DJ” and “That’s Not My Name” have been playing over (and over) just about everywhere I go.

Also getting just as much play is this excellent club remix by Tom Neville. It actually slows the song down a bit to fit its beat, which seems odd but totally works. (Most times it’s the other way around.) Neville has only recently made a name for himself with remixes for Kelis’ “Milkshake” and Mylo’s “Destroy Rock & Roll.”


That’s Not My Name (album version)

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