Monday, August 18, 2008

When You Touch Me

Song: When You Touch Me
Artist: Freemasons
Album: When You Touch Me

It’s taken some time but over the past couple years I have slowly gotten more and more interested in dance/house music, beyond DJ’ing dance parties and the odd workout mix. But like it or not homo culture has always had a strong dance element from disco to more recent circuit parties. And while I am finding myself more interested in dance mixes and club tracks I still ,at times, find it wildly repetitive, and the sometimes lack of vocals totally monotonous and boring.

Yesterday I went with a small group of my favorite people on the planet to help volunteer for the Gay and Lesbian Task Force sponsored “Ascension Dance Party” out on Fire Island Pines. Basically it is a huge afternoon dance party that draws a crowd in the thousands right on the beach. A wood floor is laid down, tickets are upwards of $100 (for good cause!) two tents featuring a regular and VIP bar, private little areas for the homo elite to stand and pose in the shade, and then the crashing surf of the Atlantic just feat from the whole spectacle.

The below video from last years party will give you an idea:

Anyhow, my main point in telling you all of this is that the music really wasn’t that good. The DJ for the event Chris Cox is a widely known remixer and DJ. Aside from Rhianna’s inescapable “Please Don’t Stop the Music” and the great “Let Me Think About it” by Ida Corr the music like all of these dance parties just dragged on thumping away. Now, this does not mean that he needs to play something the whole crowd will know… but can it be a little less monotonous?

Case in point, my friend Artie sent me this great song my the Freemasons, a UK based remix duo whom has reworked tracks by Angie Stone, Fatboy Slim, Luther Vandross, Jamiroquai, Kylie, Moby, and Beyonce. “When You Touch Me” was released as a single back in June and it’s just a fun bouncy track that is immediately likable. I didn’t know it… but could see myself dancing to it. I suppose that my interest in a great little pop tune skews my likes of deeper trance music. Snore City!

I found that I had a couple of the Freemasons tracks, including their re-do of the Alanis ballad “Uninvited” with vocals by Bailey Tzuke. (Which is good… but the white label remix of the Alanis version is a bit better in my opinion.) They’re pretty good, and I’m interested in hearing some of their full albums, which include remixes as well as tracks they have written.

Since I’ve most recently been finding new dance music that I’ve been digging (vs. any good rock/alternative music I dig) this Freemasons track with kick off a week of great dance music I think you should know.


This video is SO European…

Rain Down Love

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