Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Girlz & Boyz (Vandalism Club Mix)

Song: The Girlz & Boyz (Vandalism Club Mix)
Artist: Brad Hed
Album: Hed Kandi - Twisted Disco 2008

I stopped getting dance compilations a long while ago because most of them were awful. Since I didn’t understand the business, with royalties etc., I didn’t truly understand why you would get one good song married with a ton of lousy ones from artist that you’d never heard of. But now I realize why… they’re cheap! (So while all of those Now! Compilations sell like crazy, they must cost a pretty penny as well.)

My friend David introduced me to this really neat series/company called Hed Kandi that gives you the best of both worlds. While just about every one of their compilations feature an established artist like Hot Chip, Beth Orton, Shirley Bassey, Junkie XL, or Peter, Bjorn, & John, the rest of the CD’s have more obscure dance artists that are actually GOOD. It became quite obvious to me that these people knew what they were doing.

The company was started in the U.K. in 1999 by Mark Doyle, whom sold the business to Ministry of Sound. Each one of the releases has a distinct look as helped by the artwork of Jason Brooks. Mostly house music, the company releases different compilations under different titles such as “Serve Chilled,” “Twisted Disco,” “Beach House,” “Disco Heaven,” etc. They have since branched out into the fragrance business, as well as clothing and even an airline to Ibiza.

My favorite of the full compilations I’ve heard thus far (which has been limited admittedly) has been the most recent “Twisted Disco 2008” release. It opens strong with “Let it Go” by Dirty South (never heard of them) includes a new remix of Utah Saints Kate Bush biting 90’s single “Something Good,” and includes a remix of the Junkie XL track “More.” But my favorite track off the record was by someone called Brad Hed (again never heard of him.) “Girlz & Boyz” is straight up driven house that is a party starter for sure. Vandalism does the remix (of “Smash Disco” fame) and I was pretty happy several months back when it was played at my first time attending Blowoff.

If you’re interested in getting into house music a little more and don’t know where to start I highly recommend these compilations. As mentioned there is SO much garbage out there in regards to dance compilations and Hed Kandi is a safe bet from a group of dance music lovers that know their stuff.


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