Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dancing Underneath

Song: Dancing Underneath
Artist: Method Actors
Album; Dancing Underneath

My knowledge (and interest) in post punk is minimal, but the power of bands like Wire, Television, and Gang of Four are undeniable. While my actual 80’s were filled with the likes of Duran Duran and Taco, it wasn’t until college that my musical palate expanded and my interest grew for getting to know more about the 80’s underground music scene. While “Marquee Moon” and “Pink Flag” blew me away when I did get them, I had this feeling that the recorded music was only the half of it… that seeing them live was a huge part of the experience. Would you agree?

My friend Mike has been schooling me a bit in the music of his youth, stuff that meant something to him, and given my obscure 80’s request… he sent me this track by Athens, Georgia band Method Actors. A two-piece that formed in 1979, they only released two LP’s (1981’s “Little Figures” and 1985’s “Luxury”) though they released a handful of singles and EP’s. “Dancing Underneath” pre-dates their debut full length, a jarring yet bouncy tune that reminds me a bit of the Raincoats debut from 1979.


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Mike M said...

Mister C,

That is Soooo not the Method Actors in the vid....To much hair, way to much hair. And nothing like their music. YouTube and the clip has is labeled that way, but sorry, not them. Didn't want your readers to be mistaken. The Methods only had two folks (at the beginning), both with short hair and the drummer, David Gamble, was an almost always shirtless muscle man... I'm not sure if there is any footage on the net. I'll search.