Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drop Your Pants

Song: Drop Your Pants
Artist: Hilary
Album: Kinetic

I knew that I could count on my friend Brian to hook me up with some obscure 80’s, and he did me proud. “Drop Your Pants” is one of four (FOUR!) songs recorded by Los Angeles born Hilary Blake, best known as just “Hilary.” The song can be found on her only release, an EP called “Kinetic.” That song, as well as “Drop Your Pants” never broke the top 40, though a video was made for “Kinetic,” see below.

With a bouncy New Wave beat and a chorus that goes “Drop your pants around your ankles, you make me shiver when you deliver,” this song is begging for inclusion in a great retro 80’s movie. It’s reminiscent of Julie Brown a little… don’t you think?

Unfortunately, Hilary passed away just last year… so don’t go looking for that VH1 Classic special. The song was produced by Stephen Hague, who became a pretty big heavy in the British New Wave scene. His most notable productions include “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys, “Respect” by Erasure, and “True Faith” by New Order. He’s still at it today, working recently with artist such as Robbie Williams, Melanie C, and The Cinematics.

Hilary does have a fan site, you can check it out here.


“Kinetic” video

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Briguy said...

Thanks Cy! I'm glad you enjoyed it. A few more tidbits - Hilary later married producer Stephen Hague. Not sure how long they were together, though.

This song was "Shreek of the Week" on LI radio station WLIR in August of 1983, which was where I first heard it, back in the day.

My record company friend Bill grew up in Buffalo, where it also received considerable airplay. He has been trying to get it included on 80's compilations for years. Nobody at the record label ever wants to dig deep enough into the drawer to include it.