Monday, June 16, 2008

Dancing in Heaven (Orbital B-Bop)

Song: Dancing in Heaven (Orbital B-Bop)
Artist: Q-Feel
Album: Girls Just Want to Have Fun Soundtrack

Obscure 80’s Week… YOUR PICKS!

I wanted to briefly thank all of you that submitted songs and bands for Obscure 80’s week, I am finally getting around to posting some of your suggestions all this week! So to start…

Sarah Jessica Parker is having a killer summer already, thanks to the huge success of the “Sex and the City” movie, but some almost twenty five years ago, Ms. Parker was just getting started on her career, and part of it was a somewhat lesser-known 80’s movie called “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” (The Cyndi Lauper song is played in the film, but sung by Deborah Galli, Tami Holbrook, and Meredith Marshall.) I haven’t seen the film, but have heard it come up in conversation a couple times, usually in a very positive light… so I think I should get around to seeing it, for some silly 80’s teen comedy.

So my good friend Ellen recommended the song “Dancing in Heaven (Orbital B-Bop)” which can be found on the soundtrack. It’s sound SCREAMS 80’s I was honestly surprised that I hadn’t heard it before. This was in fact Q-Feel’s only hit song, released on their self-titled debut back in 1983. It was also, incidentally, the selection for the 1982 Song For Europe (which precludes the Eurovision Song Contest) though the track came in #6 out of 8.


The final scene from “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” that includes the song:

The video… WOW… 80’s!

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