Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Dreams

Song: In Dreams
Artist: Roy Orbison
Album: In Dreams

Thanks to my Dad, I grew up with the music of Roy Orbison. His tunes have a vaguely oldies-meets country vibe, and his voice is so clearly distinguishable… he truly is an original. I could go on and on about Roy’s career but don’t think I can really sum it up in a little blog. He’s just one of those artists that you simply NEED to have in your collection. From “Pretty Woman” to “Only the Lonely,” this man has crafted and sung some of the most important tunes in the history of rock & roll.

Despite my father’s love of the man, it truly wasn’t until I saw David Lynch’s haunting 1984 film “Blue Velvet” that I discovered my FAVORITE of Roy’s tunes, “In Dreams.” In the film, lead bad guy (and one of the creepiest most sadistic characters in film history) Frank Booth (played with menace by Dennis Hopper) is obsessed with the tune.

Check it out:

I just really love this tune (and Roy) and think the world should know it. It’s not as well know as some of his bigger hits, but thanks to Neil Jordan (and his 1999 thriller “In Dreams”) it is added to a list of movies who titles come from famous Orbison songs.

There are, at this point, so many Orbison compilations out on the market now it’s overwhelming. I took a look and recently a 2-disc “The Essential Roy Orbison” was released that is pretty comprehensive. Check it out here.


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