Monday, February 25, 2008


Song: Mercy
Artist: Duffy
Album: Rockferry

The latest “next big thing” rumblings within the business have recently been bestowed on Welsh female singer-songwriter Duffy. At the tender age of 23 she has already been climbing the ropes slowly, guesting on a Mont Royale record and coming in second on a Welsh version of American Idol (not Pop Idol.) After releasing initial single “Rockferry,” she has followed it up with “Mercy,” which went straight to number one this month… the first Welsh female to do so in twenty-five years. Wow, good work girl!

Duffy’s sound is young and soulful… she’s got a great voice, and will probably get compared to Joss Stone, though it seems she is leaning more alternative than pop with her image, look, and sound. She’s a new take on the Dusty Springfield-type British soul singer. There’s a chance that she could get on the Amy Winehouse retro-train… though her full-length album (“Rockferry” due in March) might not have the “Rehab” it needs for that. Or could “Mercy” have that kind of ubiquity? Who knows… but her music seems effortless and very laid back. It could be a great mood record.

Her full length is being produced by ex-Suede lead Bernard Butler. He’s not going as retro as Mark Ronson did for the Winehouse record… but they are definitely striking a balance between the girl-group sound and something new.

Check her out.


Rockferry Live on Jools Holland

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Briguy said...

Thanks for posting this! I love her - although she is closer to Lulu than Dusty. I prefer the live / Jools Holland version of Rockferry to the studio recording.