Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Yeah

Song: Oh Yeah
Artist: The Cliks
Album: Snakehouse

My good friend Brian months ago was on a mission to get me into Canadian rock act The Cliks. Despite his recommendation I never spent the time to look them up and take a listen. So he then went as far as getting a copy on eBay and had it sent directly to my house! I listened once and wasn’t really impressed… oh well.

Well the other day I saw the video for first single “Oh Yeah” and it grabbed me… more so than when I listened to the full album. Well I dug it out and gave it a re-listen and FINALLY got hip to the bands sound… a mix of catchy crunching guitar and deep female rock snarl. Think Joan Jett meets Velvet Revolver… but indie.

“Snakehouse” is the bands sophomore album, after a self-titled debut that came out in 2004. The lineup was different, aside from lead songwriter/vocalist Lucas Silveira. The record is a fairly strong collection of catchy pop-rock tunes, save for a silly, unnecessary cover of Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.” Lead track “Complicated” is great… but the standout is really first single “Oh Yeah” which finds the band at their catchy best.



Oh Yeah

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The Aforementioned Good Friend said...

It's about f**king time. :-)
I'm glad you finally got into them. This was one of my favorite CDs from last year.