Friday, February 22, 2008


Song: Funplex
Artist: B-52’s
Album: Funplex

Sixteen years between albums is certainly a stretch… and odd for a band that never officially broke up during that stretch. The B-52’s have always been in an odd league of their own, releasing off-the-wall party tunes that made good use of Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson’s go-go girl vocals and Fred Schneider’s… well, let’s just say when Fred starts to “sing” you know it’s a B-52’s song. In retrospect, it’s pretty amazing that “Love Shack,” their biggest hit, was as big as it was here… I mean it’s SUCH an odd song. And yet it brought the band to the mainstream and secured them a wedding favorite… how great is that?

Their follow up, “Good Stuff” was not nearly as commercially successful but was actually a really great record. I loved the title track and lead single, as well as “Revolution Earth” and “Hot Pants Explosion.” So even though sixteen years had past, I was really ready to hear what the band was coming up with next, given the music industry is indeed a different place.

The band was no longer on Reprise and thus they were actually shopping for a label to release their new material. Because of this I was actually able to hear a five-song preview of the new material more than a year ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really impressed. I can’t honestly remember the songs I heard, or what stage they were in… but after giving a few listens to the official mix of first single “Funplex” I am no longer eager to write them, and their new material, off. “Funplex” is pure B-52’s, like sixteen years never happened. It’s outrageous, seemingly nonsensical, and totally catchy. I really like the rockabilly vibe… good stuff!

Let me know what you think… after all this time do they still have it?


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Good Stuff

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