Friday, February 08, 2008

I Can’t Wait

Song: I Can’t Wait
Artist: Nu Shooz
Album: Poolside

So here’s a trip back. This song popped into my head this morning, reason unknown, so I gave it a listen and it immediately put a smile on my face. A perfect song for Friday! I realized I knew absolutely nothing about 80’s dance group Nu Shooz so I did a little digging and guess what… they’re from Portland! Portland!? I’ve never been to Portland, but I also have never heard it as a hot bed for dance music. Oh well… Nu Shooz changed that, if for just a song, or two.

Nu Shooz was comprised of husband and wife duo John Smith and Valerie Day. They recorded “I Can’t Wait” and released it as a single in Portland in 1984 where it became a big hit on radio in that city. Atlantic Records heard it and had them re-record it, issuing the new version in 1986. It went to #1 on the dance charts and #3 on the Hot 100. They’re follow up single “Point of No Return,” (not to be confused with the Expose song of the same name) went to #28 and topped the dance charts as well. I had never actually heard that song… it’s unremarkable, nowhere near the Dancefloor joys of “I Can’t Wait.”

They released what was their official third album in 1988. “Told U So” contained the singles “Should I Say Yes?” and “Are You Lookin’ For Somebody Nu?” Maybe it was too many questions, but they failed to chart very highly. I gave them a listen… kinda boring to be honest. And while that was the end of Nu Shooz, they left us with “I Can’t Wait,” which while not a song to build a career on (despite releasing an unplugged version in the 90’s) it’s a crowd pleaser at any 80’s party.


I Can’t Wait

SO 80’s!!! (love the dog with sunglasses)

Point of No Return

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Anonymous said...

Point of No Return was HUGE in NY (as was I Can't Wait - I assumed they were a NY group). I remember coming into the city taking pictures for my high school photography class and hearing this song coming out of shops, passing cars, everywhere. I always think of that. I still have the picture sleeve 45. Give it another listen Cy - it's a good track too!