Monday, February 11, 2008


Song: Trash
Artist: The Whip
Album: X Marks Destination

Manchester UK’s The Whip are the latest disco rock act to be getting the attention of the indie world. Their debut album, “X Marks Destination” will be released in the UK at the end of March. Their sound is a mix of VHS or Beta, The Infidels, and a myriad of new wave acts from the 80’s. Very guitar driven, but with Goth synths and persistent beats. They are playing SXSW this year and will soon no doubt be the toast of every hipster blog from far and wide.

Despite the hipper than though vibe, I really dig “X Marks Destination.” The New Order and Cure influences are evident, and mid-tempo tracks such as “Save My Soul” and “Frustration” almost sound like lost gems. That’s not to say that they sound totally dated and/or derivative. 12” single “Divebomb” mixes Daft Punk/Justice style French House with arcade sound effects and “Sister Siam” sounds almost pop. My favorite is lead track “Trash,” which sets the tone for their driving, vaguely dangerous vibe.

For more on The Whip check out their Myspace page.


Sister Siam



Don’t think it’s the official video, but love the homo Star Trek

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