Thursday, February 07, 2008

Come On Down (Live Element Radio Mix)

Song: Come On Down (Live Element Radio Mix)
Artist: Crystal Waters
Album: Come On Down Single

Remember Crystal Waters? She’s best known for two huge radio and club hits in the 90’s, “Gypsy Woman (La Da dDe La Da Da)” and “100% Pure Love.” Since the new millennium, dance music hasn’t had much of a top 40 presence (save for teen pop and hip hop) so poor Crystal has pretty much made just a handful of albums and singles that while big in clubs, haven’t made their way into the hearts and minds of the masses.

In the mid 90’s she has had some club hits that I remember getting on some dance compilations, “In Da Ghetto” and “Say… If You Feel Alright.” Both didn’t chart highly on the Hot 100 (though “Say…” did hit # 40) but did well on the dance charts. Even the U.K. was ignoring her!

I hadn’t thought about Ms. Waters for just about ages, until my good friend John let me borrow the single for her 2001 release “Come on Down” which samples… take a guess, the theme from The Price is Right! I have absolutely fallen in love with this song and can’t get over the fact that I had never heard it before. Oh well. This one went to number one on the U.S. Dance chart… so somebody was listening. It’s so much fun.

Recently Crystal lent her voice to “My Time” in 2003 for the band Dutch, and just last year to Alex Gaudino’s “Destination Calabria.” You can take a look at the video below, as well as a few videos that will take you back.

This radio edit of the song is good, but the full eight-minute club mix is just a bit better. Gotta build that drama!


Gypsy Woman

And while this is a little mean… you really gotta check this out.

100% Pure Love

Destination Calabria

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