Thursday, February 21, 2008

Because I Love You

Song: Because I Love You
Artist: September
Album: September

September is the name given to Swedish dance-pop artist who is releasing her first U.S. release this month. The album “September” is a compilation of tracks taken from her 2nd and 3rd record(s) “In Orbit” and “Dancing Shoes.” The very Euro-dance beats and platinum blonde hair are very reminiscent of Robyn, another fellow Swede. But does the album have something as great as “With Every Heartbeat?”

Hmmm… not sure.

On one hand, “September” is a consistently upbeat dance-pop record with a serviceable singer and catchy tunes. Unlike Robyn, a personality doesn’t really come through the tracks… it moves along consistently but could score the scene to any European Club scene… from a tween program. It’s bubble-gum dance…

BUT… I must admit that I’m actually enjoying, almost despite of myself. It’s upbeat and catchy… and house-y enough to warrant several of the tracks making your favorite workout mix. Some of it verges on Cascade territory… which I honestly can’t stand, but there is something about this that I am really digging.

“Cry For You” has hit the top spot on the Hot Dance Charts here, and songs like “Satellites,” “Can’t Get Over,” and “Looking For Love” have a sunny punchy charm, but it’s “Because I Love You” that has really caught my ears… and comes closest to the “With Every Heartbeat” style of building dance floor drama. Love the Spanish guitar and Giorgio Moroder beat!

I guess this is a half recommendation… it’s VERY European, or very gay, depending on your prospective. Basically if you think Geri Halliwell deserves to be a bigger star… September is the girl for you.


Cry For You


Looking For Love

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