Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blind Alley

Song: Blind Alley
Artist: The Emotions
Album: So I Can Love You / Untouched

Here is a song I recently discovered that I have not been able to stop listening to. “Blind Alley” is by Chicago based soul act The Emotions who started their career in the 70’s and were a leading female vocal act of the time. Their biggest hit was of course “Best of My Love” which was used to great strength in the opening of the film “Boogie Nights.” They also did a great duet with Earth, Wind, and Fire called “Boogie Wonderland,” a disco favorite.

“Blind Alley” is from their dual packaged albums “So I Can Love You / Untouched.” It has been sampled by Das EFX and Gangstarr. I recommend this song to be played when you want to add some vintage cool to your next swingin’ party. While I was unfamiliar with the song (it does not seem to be added to any of their greatest hits packages) it’s one that you groove to on first listen. And I have yet to grow tired of it.


Here are the girls "performing" "Best of My Love" on Soul Train:

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