Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Suck a Mofo

Song: Suck a Mofo
Artist: Northern State
Album: Can I Keep This Pen?

If you have ever said to yourself, man… I wish the Beastie Boys were really three girls from Long Island that basically keep releasing versions of “License to Ill” over and over then Northern State is the band for you! Sprout, Spero, and “Hesta Prynn” are high school friends that formed Northern State in the 90’s and have just released their third record; “Can I Keep This Pen?” last month.

I am being a bit unfair to the ladies of Northern State… they have varied their sound a bit over their three records and I do really like their clever wordplay, it’s just that… while “Pen?” is another fun song cycle of silly disses and witty verbal sparing, it is in fact just more of the same. They have yet to make their “Paul’s Boutique” or “Check Your Head.” Heck… they haven’t even got a “Hello Nasty” in their canon. But I suppose that it is unfair to truly hold them up to the Beasties and take them for what they are.

To wit, “Suck a Mofo” is another fun slice of goofy boasts and requests for the Demcrats to “come correct in 2008.” My favorite line… “Shit startin,’ Olive Garden, all that you can eat. You got the bread sticks and salad but the fine wine is for free.” They then break out into a very catchy chorus that is best later in the song when the beat really kicks in heavy.

While you may not get innovation from the ladies at Northern State, you’ll still feel glad you know them.


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“Suck a Mofo” live at SXSW

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