Monday, August 20, 2007

Can I Get Get Get

Song: Can I Get Get Get
Artist: Junior Senior
Album: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo

After their debut “D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat” came out in 2003 and their song “Move Your Feet” made a relative splash just about everywhere (It is the most played song in Danish history, though had to settle for “indie-pop hit” here in the U.S.) Junior Senior developed quite a solid fan base that has been clamoring for the follow up. In 2005 Japan got it first with the release of “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” in August of that year. It is August again, but it’s taken two years for the record to finally hit the States. That is some lag!

Junior Senior’s music is a non-stop happy mix of electronic, 60’s garage and soul, hand claps, and about a fifty hook minimum to each song. I flipped for “Move Your Feet” when it came out, as well as the debut record, but like most candy… after several helpings I began to get a tummy ache. “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” is more of the same in tone but the songs are a bit more varied in style. I got the record back in 2005 and liked it and a recent re-listen made me like it a bit more. The range in styles from track to track sure helps the empty-headed “let’s have fun!” lyrical content. But Junior Senior have always coasted along on a genuine charm that helps them from becoming overly cloying.

Junior Senior are best described as the B-52’s for a new generation. Their look and style is a cartoonish mix of everything that was loud and goofy from the 60’s up to the early 90’s, and if “Love Shack” is your be-all-end-all dance tune you will no doubt fall in love with their cheeky ultra-catchy tunes. (And on the other hand, if you are in the crowd that particularly loathes “Love Shack” you won’t soon be a Junior Senior fan.)

The U.S. version of the album is coming with a bonus EP of new tracks. I haven’t heard any of these songs yet but it sure gives me reason to buy the new version here. I can’t say you’ll love Junior Senior, but if you’re looking for unadulterated fun, I’d be hard pressed to come up with something better than “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo.”


The video for “Can I Get Get Get” Assembled from fan sent in video’s (a la the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Cheated Hearts” though I think this came first, and really isn’t the FIRST time this has been done.) My friend Brian is in this one…

Move Your Feet

Take My Time – Another “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” track featuring none other than Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson of the B-52’s. Talk about synergy!

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BrianF said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I was very happy to see the video turn up on NewNowNext this week and that the CD finally found a US distributor. How many new releases can boast guest artists as diverse as Motown girl group The Velvelettes, Kate & Cindy from the B-52's and Le Tigre?