Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Song: Special
Artist: Garbage
Album: Version 2.0

Garbage is an interesting band… and a bit of an enigma. At first, I was none to keen on the band, and was suspect that it was “built” from three producers, it somehow didn’t seem natural or authentic… which has always hurt them in my opinion, despite me really liking a lot of their work. Just last month saw the release of “Absolute Garbage,” a collection of their hits including a DVD with videos, etc. (A special edition also includes a bonus disc of remixes.) It’s probably all you’ll need from the band, and while it seems like it could be the nail in their coffin (there have been breakup rumors since their decline in CD sales with the release of “beautifulgarabage” in 2001) they say they will be working on new music later this year… we will see.

Despite never ever wanting to hear “Stupid Girl” again, I pretty much love their second album “Version 2.0.” The album contains some of their best singles; “Push It,” “I Think I’m Paranoid,” “When I Grow Up,” and “Special,” but also contains some great album tracks such as “Temptation Waits,” “The Trick Is to Keep Breathing,” and closer “You Look So Fine.” (Which, while not a single, made it to the greatest hits.)

“Version 2.0” always reminded me of what the Pretenders would have sounded like if they had embraced electronica. Garbage has knowingly tipped their hat to that band a lot and never more so than on “Version 2.0.” It’s such a great record and was the first time for me they felt like a band, making a record. I had much hope for them but unfortunately the follow up “beautifulgarbage” and 2005’s “Bleed Like Me” were lackluster, and the sales showed. Mind you, there are still some killer songs on those records, mostly the singles… and thankfully they are all packaged nicely on “Absolute Garbage.”

Also worth noting is the inclusion of their Bond theme, “The Word is Not Enough” (which is so-so) and the song “#1 Crush,” their best non-album song which was previously found on the “Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack.” “#1 Crush” is one of their sexiest (and catchiest) songs and is a must to have. But for me, “Special” really sums up what is best about Garbage… catchy, a little rocky, a little electronic, and with the trademark killer wail of lead Shirley Manson. It’s a great song.

“Tell Me Where it Hurts” is the single from the collection, you can hear it from the video below.

As an aside, I think “Stupid Girl” is just about tied with Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” as the worst, most annoying, song from a talented artist. Can you think of any others?



“Tell Me Where it Hurts”

And the crazy video for “Push It,” which was up for a slew of MTV Video Awards

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BrianF said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention "Cherry Lips (Baby Go Go!)" which shoulda been a hit. This is the song that made me finally buy one of their CDs. A certain DJ Careless Years had it in heavy rotation on his party playlist for quite some time.

Is it that you feel "Stupid Girl" and "Criminal" were really bad songs or mediocre and overplayed? Two horrible singles that come to mind that were reeally career-damaging: Culture Club's "The War Song (War Is Stupid)" and Cyndi Lauper's "There's a Hole In My Heart (That Goes All The Way To China)." Beware the parenthesis!