Friday, August 17, 2007

Grip Like a Vice

Song: Grip Like a Vice
Artist: The Go! Team
Album: Proof of Youth

The Go! Team are a UK based six piece whose sound is a mix of early hip-hop, cartoon-ish energy, and pep rally style chanting. Their debut, 2004’s excellent “Thunder, Lightening, Strike” was an original mix of all these elements and non-stop out there sampling. So much sampling in fact that it delayed a stateside release and ultimately had to be edited to take out some of the un-clearable material. Next month will see the release of their follow up, “Proof of Youth.”

“Thunder, Lightening, Strike” reminded me of the Avalanches record and worked more as a cool party record than an actual album. Unfortunately, my first impression if “Proof of Youth” is that it is just more of the same, “Thunder II” but not nearly as good. Their found footage aesthetic is in tact and it does feel like a Go! Team album, but I suppose I was just hoping for more. I am still listening though and hoping that it eventually grabs me.


Video for first single “Grip Like a Vice”

And from “Thunder, Lightening, Strike…”


“Bottle Rocket”

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