Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hold On

Song: Hold On
Artist: KT Tunstall
Album: Drastic Fantastic

When I first heard “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall I was pretty taken. It became, mostly through word of mouth, a huge success and rocketed KT’s debut “Eye to the Telescope” to the top of the charts in the UK. She also found success in America, and got some needed exposure when Katherine McPhee performed an on the floor sexed-up version of the song during the 5th season of American Idol.

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the debut as a whole, finding nothing as gripping as “Black Horse,” and some of it downright boring. But, I do think she is a talented songwriter and I’m very interested in what she does for her follow up. Lead single from the new album “Drastic Fantastic,” due in September, “Hold On” is another slice of up-beat blues-folk rock. She doesn’t mess with the formula, and again while not as arresting as “Black Horse” it still packs a punch and is immediately enjoyable.

“Drastic Fantastic” has such a crazy cover, it looks like she’s recorded a disco-metal record. A, e-hem, drastic change from the folk-chick look she sported on the debut. Could she have some interesting tricks up her sleeve?


Here is a clip of the tune live on Today:

And the video for “Back Horse and the Cherry Tree”

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