Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Piano

Song: My Piano
Artist: Hot Chip
Album: DJ Kicks

While we wait for the new Hot Chip record, due out sometime this year, I have been enjoying their only new song officially released, “My Piano.” The song is taken from their DJ Kicks compilation that was released earlier this year. It is a fun little ditty, built on (duh) a killer piano vamp that runs throughout the song.

Their new record is supposed to be a bit more organic, recorded live and featuring less loops. I sort of like Hot Chip as they are, but I will hold off judgment until I actually hear some of the new music. Though while the loops may be gone, new track “I Became a Volunteer,” which can be heard on their MySpace Page, is totally Hot Chip. Long live geek techno!


The video for “Over & Over”

And my favorite Hot Chip tune, “Boy From School”

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