Thursday, April 12, 2007

Makes Me Wonder

Song: Makes Me Wonder
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Like Fergie’s “London Bridge,” Ace of Base’s “The Sign,” and Taco’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” before it, Maroon 5’s breakthrough first single “This Love” was a huge guilty pleasure for me. Sure it was a huge hit, but I try to steer clear of stuff the Celine Dion set would also dig, I have a rep to uphold after all. The problem was, as bouncy blue-eyed soul-lite goes, “This Love” was just about… well, perfect. Lead singer Adam Levine’s vocals were admittedly pretty beautiful and the chorus had super-catchy written all over it. I went as far as even doing the song karaoke one night at a bar… ugh, what a goofy hook will do to me.

Fortunately, follow up single “She Will Be Loved” proved to be just what I thought Maroon 5 were, boring candy-asses. It’s one of those cringe-inducing songs that will play from now until eternity on Lite FM stations, truly awful.

In May, the band will be releasing its eagerly awaited sophomore set entitled “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.” (Haha boys.) It’s been over five years in the making and I am sure the band feels the need to live up to expectations. Obstacle number one is to follow up “This Love” with another fun first single, and so we have “Makes Me Wonder,” a bouncy blue-eyed-soul-lite ditty that seems to basically re-write “This Love.” On one hand, this is what a band does when they don’t have any more tricks up their sleeve but need to deliver on the promise of their biggest hit by making the same song, just a little bit BIGGER, and on the other, “Makes Me Wonder” is actually a pretty fun tune. Not sure if it’s “good” but it seems like it’ll make Maroon 5 fans happy, and do nothing to change the minds of those that loathe them.

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