Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Could Fall in Love With You

Song: I Could Fall in Love With You
Artist: Erasure
Album: Light At The End of The World

For my 80’s English-homo-dance-duo money, I always went with the Pet Shop Boys, I felt that their sound was more diverse, they wrote great ALBUMS, and I just wrote better songs… but Erasure are still in the game and still doing their thing. May 21st will see the release of their thirteenth album, “Light At The End of The World” and “I Could Fall in Love With You” is the first single. It pretty much sounds… well, like Erasure.

Thanks to Wikipedia, (like the best site ever right?) I just learned that Vince Clark (“the straight guy in Erasure”) was not only in Yazoo (also known as Yaz,) but was in Depeche Mode as well. I didn’t know that. I suppose that there were probably one to many egos there.

I was actually a big fan of the first single from their 2005 album, “Nightbird” called “Breathe.” The rest of the album bored me, which is honestly my biggest problem with their music… too same-sounding. But “Breathe” was great, and as good as some of their better-known material from the 80’s.

“I Could Fall in Love With You” doesn’t really come close to “Breathe,” but it’s another good Erasure song, and if nothing else I like the fact that when you hear an Erasure song, you KNOW it’s them. They are that distinct musically. Well… I suppose I could mistake solo Andy Bell (“the queer in Erasure”) as Erasure, but his solo record just sounded, well… like Erasure.


Here's the video for "Breathe"

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