Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Song: Lipgloss
Artist: lil Mama
Album: Lip Gloss Single

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the next "Hollaback/London Bridge" comes from seventeen-year-old Brooklynite Lil Mama with her debut single, "Lipgloss." It's about as ridiculous as it sounds and insanely catchy.

I recenly saw a piece on the news that said tweens and teens are acting and dressing too sexual. They obviously have not gotten the latest word on the street as they failed to mention anything about the teenage sexual lure that is lipgloss. Like a "Love Potion #9" for the hip-hop teen set, as reinforced by the energetic video below.

"It's poppin', it's poppin', it's poppin', It's poppin'..."

Enjoy... you're going to like it more than you expect.

The "Lipgloss" video

I love the self-esteem lesson at the end. Cute.

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