Thursday, April 26, 2007


Song: Closer
Artist: Travis
Album: The Boy With No Name

Earlier this year Chris Martin of Coldplay introduced “Big Chair” a new song by the Scottish band Travis on Radio 1 noting; “We're gonna finish with an incredible exclusive, we're very privileged to play it. It's a new song by the band Travis, the band that invented my band and lots of others." Truly, Travis was first known as “the quiet Radiohead,” which Coldplay was then referred to as, and then Keane was the next Coldplay… on and on.

Travis debuted their first album in 1997 called “Good Feeling” which was produced by Steve Lillywhite whom has worked with U2, The Cranberries, The Dave Matthew’s Band, and Morrissey. But it was 1999’s “The Man Who” (produced by Nigel Godrich who made a pretty good name for himself by producing a little record called “OK Computer”) that really catapulted Travis to fame. The single “Why Does it Always Rain on Me?” was a smash, and follow up singles made it one of the most popular records in Europe, and turned the band into international superstars.

While I suppose I could start an argument with Travis fans… I think the follow up album, 2001’s “The Invisible Band” (also produced by Godrich) is even better. First single “Sing” was the most played song in Britain that summer and “Side” is my hands down favorite Travis song ever. It’s a great album, and continued their world domination (well… outside the states.) The next record “12 Memories” was a spotty affair, and I must admit it disappointed me quite a bit. There were many songs I did really dig off the record but after the one-two punch of “Man” and “Band,” “Memories” just didn’t stand up. They produced the record themselves, and even changed the look of their cover, while both of the previous had similar looks and fonts.

Travis return with “The Boy With No Name” this May and in many ways it’s a return to form. Once again Nigel Godrich is behind the decks, and they returned the font! (Actually I quite like the look of the cover art.) As I listened I first thought it was just more of the same Travis, and it many ways it is… but what surprised me was after listening and thinking it was just okay, I went back to “12 Memories” and gave it another listen. I was (as many fans were) too hard on that record as it contains some really great stuff, as does the new record. It’s just another great Travis album!

First single “Closer” has a nice breezy hook in the typical Travis vein, better still is the upbeat “Selfish Jean,” the soaring “Colder,” and the ode to New York City “New Amsterdam.” The video for “Closer” features a cameo from Ben Stiller, whom I am just about fed up with… ugh, he used to be so funny. Oh well. Get the new Travis record when it comes out, and if you have no idea who Travis is order their singles collection entitle (duh) “” and then get the new record when it comes out in May!


The video for “Closer”

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