Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Earth Intruders

Song: Earth Intruders
Artist: Bjork
Album: Volta

Bjork’s “Volta” is one of the more anticipated releases of 2007. After the introverted “Vespertine” (2001) and the voice-only “Medulla” (2004,) Bjork seems to be courting the mainstream again with collaborations with hip-hop heavyweight Timbaland. First single “Earth Intruders” is a rowdy song, at least compared with her more recent work. Timbaland’s beats are put in the back… this is Bjork’s show, but it has an urgency that I really dig, once again… it sounds like she’s transmitting from another planet.

Personally, I have found Bjork’s work to not only be the most interesting of the last several years, but also rather melodic and catchy. Sure, her stuff is “out there” but yet she’s written some of the most beautiful and interesting love songs in the past decade. I’m glad she’s moving into a more upbeat direction… as she did on “Homogenic” (1997.) While the strange lush “Vespertine” lost a lot of her fans, I continue to go back to it now and again, it’s a great mood record.

“Volta” will be released in early May and will no doubt be one of the more important releases of the year.


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