Tuesday, May 01, 2007

NYC Beat

Song: NYC Beat
Artist: Armand Van Helden
Album: Ghettoblaster

I was a HUGE fan of DJ/Producer/Remixer Armand Van Helden’s 2005 single “In Your Eyes.” I played it over and over and was surprised it didn’t catch on like another great house track from that year, Bodyrockers “I Like The Way.” Though, “I Like the Way” was sold for a Coke commercial… probably had a little something to do with it.

The corresponding album that featured “In Your Eyes,” “Nympho” was hot or miss, but that’s really house music… and I personally find it a little too repetitive. Armand is really guilty of going overboard with the repetition, and yet I totally dig a lot of his stuff. It’s great for working out, walking to work, or being on like… a lot of drugs.

Armand returns with “Ghettoblaster,” a more 80’s electro throwback record that still sounds very much like Armand. At first listen it is once again hit or miss and while I haven’t dug anything on here as much as “In Your Eyes” or “My, My, My” from “Nympho,” it shouldn’t disappoint any Armand fans. The first standout track is the bouncy “NYC Beat.” It sounds pretty underwhelming, until exactly 1:59 in and the groove really kicks in… I can’t help from dancing a little.


Here is the video for the KILLER single “In Your Eyes” though I must say this album and single edit doesn’t get the full build as the extended club version. If you’re going to buy this song buy that version.

And here is the video for the first single “Touch Your Toes” it’s pretty stupid… or is in bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S!?!?

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