Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Song: Rehab
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Back in Black

Amy Winehouse is the current toast of the European charts AND the European tabloids. “Back in Black” her sophomore album is doing very well in the U.K. yet it seems to be overshadowed by the fact that… she’s a bit of a booze-bag. “Rehab,” happens to be the first single, and I don’t know if this is life imitating art or art imitating life… but it’s a KILLER song with a great funky groove and Winehouse is an amazing singer. She comes from a long line of British soul singers, and her music is a heck of a lot more interesting than Joss Stone’s.

But Amy, at the tender age of 23, is looking pretty close to a crash and burn. (The fact that she has an alcohol dependency, her first single is entitled “Rehab” and her last name happens to be Winehouse is like… a publicity dream.) Recent tabloid fodder had her throwing up onstage and leaving after just one song at London club G-A-Y. (Guess what… it’s a gay club.) And then there is this… a more than half-in-the-bag duet with Charlotte Church on “Beat It.”

I’ve only heard a handful of tracks on the new record but am very impressed and will most likely pick it up when it is released here in the States. (Her first record was never released here.) Let’s see how this hot mess makes out… wouldn’t be funny if she was the one UK hopeful that actually breaks here? (I’m not holding my breath… or putting down my drink if she’s around.)


The video for Rehab:

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