Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Song: Mint
Artist: Keyth Lawrence
Album: The Dairy Farm Follies (demos)

Keyth Lawrence is a New York based piano driven singer-songwriter. He is currently unsigned but releasing his material via his own label, I Said! Records. Keyth’s debut album “Figures” contained the propulsive ballad “Leaving” which was featured on the Here! TV series “Dante’s Cove” and in the independent film “Open Cam.” “Mint” comes from a series of demos he wrote on a rural dairy farm for inclusion on his forthcoming second album.

Initially, Keyth’s music relied mostly on his piano work and was very reminiscent of Tori Amos, an obvious inspiration. Upon listening to the demos from “The Dairy Farm Follies” I hear a world of difference in the new material, adding guitar and drums into the fold and fleshing out his unique sound. I was reminded of Coldplay in the way he added guitar and a more sweeping dramatic… and cinematic, touch to his songwriting. “Mint” is a great single (currently no. 4 on the Sirius HotQ Top 20 Chart) and I also highly recommend “Wood,” also from this new batch of songs.

You can listen to and purchase Keyth’s music at Noisehead.com, also a great site for getting introduced to new up-and-coming artists. Keyth is also a dramatic performer, and I recommend seeing him live to hear his funny, personal between-song banter alone. Check out his official website or MySpace page for dates and more information.


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